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Bad Dog and Cat Food – FDA

The FDA gas reported earlier this year bad dog and cat food being sold at major outlets in the USA.

It includes some of the bed-known and advertised brands on the market. Namely Alpo,  Friskies,  Mighty Dog have been mentioned as having Salmonella  All of these products are canned/moist foods.

For more information, do a search on the key words below:

FDA Purina pet food recall.

That will gibe you the information you need.

Home fires caused by AC adapters and batteries.

The AC adapter for you laptop or tablet might start a fire while you are gone. Ask your insurance company.

Every year there are over a 200,000 home fires in the USA.  Experts say that bad wiring and bad cords are a leading cause. But even the AC adapter for a small device can draw enough current to star a small fire.

Of course, if you smell something burning, you will check it out. And you smoke defector would also warn you.  So you insurance company says to unplug any appliance when you are going away for several hours.

A few years ago some laptop computers caught  on fire. Really!  But is the problem over now? Well, consider how many devices are now coming from other countries where the certification may not be reliable. How do we know for sure the problem devices are no longer being sold?

This article below is about eight years old. We would hope that the things mentioned are no longer true. You decide.

  • Notebook computer batteries that burn up computers, cause other property damage and burn users;
Whenever you buy any electrical device, check to see if it has been certified to meet the requirements st by the insurance companies for electrical devices.


You Tube Videos of on Police Corruption

Find Shocking Videos of Police Brutality.

You Tube has dozens of videos taken recently of very odd police behavior. You should see!

Brutal Police Videos

Most of these are recent, but some going back ten years. The growth use of cell phones with video cam  made it possible to record more of what the police officers do. In some states the FBI is now investigating.

FBI Invests a California Police Department

With the Internet we learn more about the world we live in.

Like it or not.

When not to Use Registry Cleaners?

Microsoft does not support any registry cleaners for current Windows versions after XP.

Microsoft also admits that in some cases the registry can slow your machine and even make it crash. The official opposition is the common use of any registry cleaner will more likely do harm or nothing useful.

You can do search on Bing, Google or Yahoo and find articles from Microsoft that claim the Registry Cleaners are very seldom needed. Errors in the registry are often caused by users doing things they should not do. Such and deleting program files rather that do a proper uninstall.  As for the small  bits and pieces left in the resistivity, these  do not slow down the PC.  Most slow downs are caused by programs not running properly do to incorrect installation.

If you think a certain program is taking too much time to do a task , there are some steps you can take without using any registry cleaner.

First thing to do is check for any kind of virus in the system. This is the more common cause  of slow down.  Next, c heck the hard drive for errors. After that , use the fragmentation tool to improve the file access of the hard drive.

In some cases a specific program must be removed completion and installed again. After that step the registry values for that program wit be correct.

WARNING.  Some of the Registry Programs install advertisements on your computer. That just makes you even more annoyed at your PC!

Oh, forgot to mention it. Older versions of Windows from XP and before  do need  fro a good vestry cleaner.



Leaks Exposed US Spy Programme

The scandal broke in early June 2013 when the Guardian newspaper reported that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was collecting the telephone records of tens of millions of Americans.

The paper published the secret court order directing telecommunications company Verizon to hand over all its telephone data to the NSA on an “ongoing daily basis”.

That report was followed by revelations in both the Washington Post and Guardian that the NSA tapped directly into the servers of nine internet firms including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to track online communication in a surveillance programme known as Prism.

For the full story, follow this link:
BBC News

Cyber Thieves Will Steal Your Tax Return.

Yes, Cyber Thieves May Snatch Your Tax Return.

It’s happening again this year. Both the Internal Revenue Service and state tax agencies are reporting a sharp increase in fraudulent tax return for this year. The issue is not about taxpayers who want to cheat, but about taxpayers. The don’t know somebody else has stolen their account.

Basically what happens is the site receives get into the accounts of certain online tax companies and steel users passwords. Using that information, they get full access to all users. Previous returns.
So this means you can be caught up in the problem without even knowing it. Once you find out, it may take months to get it straightened out with the appropriate agency.

There is even the possibility they can throw you in jail for a crime  somebody else commuted.

Don’t think this will not happen to you. Who does your tax return? You? A professional? Is your tax return filed electronically?

If you answered yes to the last question, you need to do some research. Right now. Check with Google or Yahoo or Bing and search for” cyber crimes and tax returns.”. Federal and state agencies are warning everybody that does electronic filing. There is a real danger of identity theft.

Watch out!

How a computer virus can hide in any electronic device.

At the e risk of being called paranoid, I want to tell everybody that a computer virus can hide almost anywhere . A computer virus is some kind of program that deliberately alters your computer to do something you did not want. Such programs often have distributive names to identify the mode of infection. Malware,   Root kit,   Trojan,  Virus or Worm, you don’t want them in your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.   Too many names to remember. Let’s just call it Malware.

Here are some places such evil programs may hide.Registry of the System.

  • Free apps you downloaded.
  • Hidden areas of a hard drive.
  • Driver for a  old printer or scanner. **
  • E-mail from a friend.

Prevention is much better that a cure. Before you add anything to your Desktop, laptop or tablet, check it for the possibility of some kind of Malware.

Warning: Some planes on the Internet offer ‘;free’ help and you wind up paying a lot of money to ‘fix’ a problem they create. Watch bout!

** Yes, if you get a printer river from a source other than OEM., you run the risk of getting some kind of malware.

How I became a password cracker.

How I became a password cracker.

No, not I.
It was Nate Anderson.
He wrote a post on 25 March 2013.

Here is part of it.
At the beginning of a sunny Monday morning earlier this month, I had never cracked a password. By the end of the day, I had cracked 8,000. Even though I knew password cracking was easy, I didn’t know it was ridiculously easy — well, ridiculously easy once I overcame the urge to bash my laptop with a sledgehammer and finally figured out what I was doing...

For the dull story,  Click Here


So, make sure you have a good password.

Did you make a backup? Watch out!

Some evil man have sent out virus to stack your computer today, April 1. Having a backup is your best safeguard. Why? Because an Anti Virus program might protect your from a new version that some criminal mind has created.

Why do men do this? Who knows. Maybe they can make money by destroying other peoples computers. Actually, there has been reports of criminals that sent out virus just to get townspeople come then them for repair. Sadly, they might ruin a thousand computers to get ten  customers.

Here is a story from just a few months back.

PC Virus Victims, Pay or Else

After you read that, you may want to be careful about strange messages you receive. Legitimate companies do not get business with threats.

Make a backup now! Protect the baby.