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We will we remember Stephen Hawking

Last month, March, he passed away. He was 76.

His name will be remembered for some time.

He was not always right, but his writing got the attention of a large number of people. While in a wheel chair and unable to speak he gave  lectures at Cambridge. And he wrote books with the help of others.

You may like to read this article lfrom the Washington Post.

How will we remember Stephen Hawking?

First, and many times with collaborators, for his seminal work on black holes, entropy and the radiation emitted from the black holes. Second, for his copious and popular writings of both nonfiction and fiction, making physics more interesting and understandable to the general public. Third, his heated and unsuccessful arguments with other physicists that the Higgs boson, if it existed, could never be found. (Incidentally, he was proved wrong in 2012.)

The paragraph above has some links you can follow for more information. His books are available on-line at Amazon.