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We will change domain to

All Content goes  in April.

No joke. I bought the domain and will use it for this blog .

The blog does not have anything for sale and it does not bring any income for me. So it does not makes sense to pay may money for the COM extension when I can use the US extortionate less money. The last part of a domain name is also called the TLD, which means Top Level Domain.

So it will be the exact same website. Just the domain will have a different extension. I have mads a backup of the entire content of my blog and will restore it to the new domain on a new server.

I also own the following domains:

This also means that I will no longer get e-mail at the address.

Starting in  April my e-mails for this blog is to be:

If you click on the above link, it will start your e-mail client.

Please send me a brief not soon.


This Domain might be For Sale

For several years I have used this domain as a personal blog for things that I find interesting.

But due to economic realities, I may have to sell the domain name. If you are interested, please send a e-mail to my personal e-mail.

If and when the domain name is sold, the content of this blog will be removed and the e-mail with be removed.