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Why Good Passwords Help. But not enough.

You should have a good password. But even a great password can be broken. Becuase the system is broken.

Years ago warnings were given taht something had to be done ablut Internet security. Users were told to have non-sense passwords tath nobody could ever gues. But taht did nto stop some of the worst security breaches ever in modern history.

The problems lies in the Data Centers and all the things that work together to make the Internet work. People have a false sense of security. Even major government departments have had their systems broken into by criminals.

One storym some time ago, claimed taht documents from a printer in the Pentagon were being transfered se wr cretly to Russia. True? Yes, but don’t ask me to prove kit. The information about that item is now hard to find. Wonder  why?

No, it was not taht printer. But it was another famous brand yu know.

Be very carefull about everything. Chekc you bank statements often. Be carefull with your credit cards. You mi