Laptop Computers are still a good thing.

Some experts say personal computers  will go away.

Sales of tablets, laptops and Desktop PCs are dropping each year.

But I am telling you that you still need at least a tablet if not a laptop. Here is why.

Some of the experts base their predictions on the recent decline of sales. Really, the decline is not all that great, when you stop and think about it. People are using their new devices and do not need to buy new ones every year. this means almost a billion people world wide already have a personal computer or some device that has similar agility to compute and communicate.

The big year was 2014. In that year a very large number of Desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices were sold allover the world. After that year there has been a gradual drops sales. Many of these devices are now better that ever and most of them work almost perfectly.

The ‘experts’¬† put too much meaning into sales reports. It does not really tell you what people are doing with the stuff they buy.¬† If people stop buying beds,would you think nobody sleeps anymore?


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