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” DDT is good for me.”

This is about the insecticide DDT and about the book Silent Spring and the author who was Rachel Carson.
Google:” DDT is good for me.”
Yes, if you Google the phrase, you will find a surprise. On this day, May 26, Google called attention to the famous author Rachel Carson, who wrote the book ” silent Spring“.
If alive, she would be celebrating her 107th birthday. During her life. She did more than any other individual, and advancing environmental protection.
During the 1940s. The synthetic insecticides DDT was invented and it helped here insect red diseases such as malaria. But later DDT became less effective on insects, but more dangerous to animals and eventually people.
Believe it or not, there actually were magazine advertisements that one time with that title.” DDT is good for me.” If you do the Google search, you will find that somewhere in the list of items. Today that synthetic insecticide is either band or strictly controlled. More modern and safer chemicals are now available for use in controlling insects and aiding agricultural production.
Now here is what surprised me, I mentioned this to a young lady that works in my doctor’s office, and she wasn’t sure what DDT was or is. DDT was, at one time, very important. Now it is a banned substance in most of the world. Many of you reading this are likely less than 40 years of age, so you may have never heard that DDT was once the preferred treatment for head lice in children. And there were, at one time, advertisements, recommending that people use DDT in their homes to help control dangerous insects.
The book Carson wrote in 1962 shacked the world with a perdition that e song birds would die off from of DDT. That never happened, but people stated to take note. It was found the DDT is a persistent chemical hat does not go away.
Now we know that any insecticide really is more dangerous than any of the insects. There are other ways to control mosquitoes and cockroaches without using insecticides. Boric acid will control cockroaches and is only mildly toxic to animals and humans. Furthermore, boric acid it is easy to clean up and the insects do not build a resistance to it. And there is a more natural substance that kills mosquitoes.

For more information about this topic, look for the keywords Rachel Carson, DDT, insecticide, and Environmental Protection Agency.