How to get Good Cheep Movies.

With the advance of movie downloading over the Internet, the cost of watching movies has come down quite a bit.  With the possible exception of what should pay at a local theater to see any new movie.
It is now possible to watch the movies on your computer for less than a dollar apiece. Previously, this was thought to be either a impossible or outright illegal.  Times have changed.
As you likely know, NETFLIX is now offering subscriptions for 8 dollars a month in the United States.  Although the selection is somewhat limited, they do have a very wide range of offerings, including some movies that  hit the box office only a few months ago.  If you and your family were to watch four movies a week or about 16 movies in a month, the cost of each movie would be about 50 cents.  And of course, you can watch the movie over again for no additional charge.  But there is no easy way for doing a direct downloads of NETFLIX videos and saving them on y0ur HDD..
The possible  alternative to the NETFLIX on demand service are other web sites that will allow you full high-quality downloads of recent box office movies. You may take up to two hours to to download a moving that only plays for 90 minutes. Yet once you did that, the movie is on your computer in a compressed format and you can watch at anytime you want day and night even if the Internet connection is poor.
So how can this be legal?  To tell the truth, I don’t know.  For more information,  go to Google or Bing or or Yahoo and put the following phrase in the search bar: “How to legally download good movies cheap.” .  You will be surprised by the answers found.
So what will NETFLIX do about this? Tat will be in later post here.

Better Security -Coming Soon.

Better Security -Coming Soon.
There was a time not too long ago when people did not have to worry about viruses attacking their personal computer.  So there will be a time when again will not worry about that sort of thing.  But that is in the future.  Is good to believe in the future, but we have to live every day one day at a time.  So how can you improve your computer security now?

This is the first of a series of short pieces on computer security.  The obvious thing is to select a good antivirus program, and the future article on give you some tips on which ones seem to be the best.
But for today, hears the tip that every new computer users should know.  Be very careful about your e-mail.  More often than you might think, computer viruses come through e-mail .To help cut down on the possibility of a virus being in your e-mail, put a limit on how many friends of yours received your personal e-mail.  In fact, you may wish to have to e-mail accounts.  One for business use and another for strictly personal use.  Also, make an agreement with your friends cannot share of e-mail addresses with other people without your permission.  Surprisingly, many people inadvertently do this by building mailing lists and sending jokes and cartoons to their mailing list.  The problem with that is that every name in the list will show up on every e-mail that is sent out.  If you look on the outgoing message form you will see there is a place for carbon copy and blind carbon copy.  The recommendation is tell your friends to all issues the BCC, blind carbon copy, for messages they go out to a large group of recipients.  Otherwise, too many people are going to see the names of many people they don’t know and that may not be a good idea.
That’s today’s security tip..  More next week.

Why do hard drives fail?

Perhaps this is happening to you.  You have a portable computer and you take it on a trip with you and it stops working. When you get back home you find that the hard disk drive has failed and needs to be replaced..

The most notorious type of hard drive failure is called a head crash.  This is whether a read/write head comes down hard on the disk and does damage to itself and the disk.  In such a situation you’d have to send a hard drive to any special service agency to re cover most of the drive data.
However, many hard drive failure are nut  that drastic.
This is the first part of the series a short articles about hard disk drive failure and what you can do about it.
Today’s tip is about heat.  More often then you might expect, it  is heat that shortens the life of the hard drive. Give  attention to how hot your left top computer gets.  Keep it cool, and the hard drive will last much longer.  That should be rather obvious, yet  sometimes people forget that hard disk drives do have very strict temperature limits.  And yes, don’t let them freeze either.  Freezing temperature is very damaging to a hard disk drive.

Thia’s all for today. Comments welcome.

How to add RSS feed from this site.

You have to choose where you want to add the RSS feed. You can use Google or Yahoo, as one of your options. All you have to do on is click a few buttons and the feed is added to your main Yahoo of Google page.
On this site look for:
Entries RSS
When you find it, click it and follow the instructions.
If you can not get it to work for you, pleae add a comment TO this post I will get back to you.

Have you got a virus? Get a rescue CD.

Perhaps you think your computer has a virus.  In the virus can slow down the performance of your computer and compromise your privacy.  There are many good and anti virus programs available, many an offer free trials.  However, and they are ovens not much value if he already have a virus.  They are more effective to prevent the virus from entering.  Today there are many very clever the virus forms that will prevent you from getting an anti virus program.
So what can you do if you cannot get an anti virus program after the infection has already occurred?  In such a case, you need to have a rescue CD.  The rescue CD is used to start your computer instead of the standard operating system.  The rescue CD operates independently from your operating system and can scan your hard drive for the most common type of virus that could be interfering with your computer’s operation.  For more information about the rescue CD, you can search on local or Yahoo for the keywords “rescue CD “.
Here are some examples:
Kaspersky Rescue CD
BitDefender Rescue CD
F-Secure Rescue CD
Avira Antivir Rescue Disk
Trinity Rescue Kit CD
Aand you may find others that look interesting.  However, the list t above I have personally checked and I am sure these companies are legitimate and the they each offer a good product.  I do not receiving compensation for making this recommendation.

Perhaps you suspect your computer has a virus

Why Intel Hates Windows 8

If hate means ‘intense displeasure’, then Intel must hate the new Microsoft Windows version. Windows 8. It might seem like just another Windows Desktop program for a personal computer. But not so.  It is really different. And it will hurt Intel, the famous chip maker.
Here is the scoop on why Intel must hate the new Windows 8 system. It is about the chips. Cheap chips not from Intel.

Microsoft, the company that makes the Windows desktop operating system, has announced the new Windows 8 operating system will be coming very soon.  Even now developers can get a special version of the system for testing.

Here is the key point that you might mess.  That operating system is not really targeted for the desktop user.  In this targeted for tablet computers and smart phones.  So this means that Microsoft is now focusing on the kind of development that had started going on over at Apple Computer Co. for sometime.  As you know, Apple has a very big position in the cell phone market with its Apple iPhone.  Sales of cell phones made by Apple or others does not help the profit margins of Intel Corp..
That’s because Intel makes principally computer chips for the desktop computers that run Windows Vista and Windows 7.  The  Intel chips are often times called on Pentium or Celeron chips and they go by different code-names. But in any case, they are re too powerful and big to be used in the cell phone.
Instead, the cell phone makers he is the type of silicon chip made by a company called ARM. This type of computer brain is much smaller,  lower costs, and uses much less power compared to Intel brand chips used in desktop PCs with the current Windows operating system
The new version of Windows, simply called Windows 8, will run on the low cost ARM Arm silicon chip.  And all indications are that most consumers are going to want to buy a tablet computer or a smart phones instead investing in the desktop PC.  And what about laptops?  Many new laptops will also feature the ARM processor.  By next year almost a third of the laptop or notebook computers will be using the low-power low-cost processor.  As for smart phones, these are already using ARM in over 90 percent of the time.

Now you see the point? With people shifting over to the newer smaller to lower cost devices, Intel is going to see a big loss in revenue unless they can catch up with the trend . The trend now is to be smaller and easier and portable.  People are getting tired of electronic gadgets that are clumsy and hard to use.

Excuse me, I am getting a text message!


Speech recognition at home.

Anyone who has purchased a computer in recent years should have  found that speech recognition software is now included in current versions of Microsoft Windows.
This document is being dictated this speech recognition software that I have been using for a number of years, even before it became part of Microsoft Windows. Because of my poor vision  it is difficult for me to type fast. But I have no trouble talking, and I can talk much faster than I can type. Actually, that’s true of most people. In fact, you probably talk  three times faster than anybody can type.
Getting used to the speech recognition program may take some effort on your part. You have to learn to speak slowly, pronounce the words clearly, and you have to call for punctuation as needed.
One thing for sure, speech recognition at home is now a reality. Give it a try.

Spell check problem In FireFox

FireFox has a good reputation for a good browser. But on some sites the Spell check no longer works. Have you had this problem too?

Get e-mail the way you want it.

This is about e-mail services and  how to get a a better e-mail name.
You have lots of choices. Don’t get stuck with a weak e-mail name. New buyers of computer find the latest version of Microsoft Windows does not have the e-mail built-in. That means the new owner has to decide what kind of e-mail service he shall have. Here is how you can have very good e-mail address that would be easy to remember and represent your personal taste.
Ignore the suggestion sign up with Microsoft for their e-mail service. You can do better, much better at expressing yourself in your choice of an e-mail name. If you visit the website at you will see that you have a lot more choices. I’d say that you and your spouse decided he would like to have just your first name as an e-mail address and perhaps something that suggests what kind of business or profession you have. Here are some of your personal possibilities:,,,, and so on. However, the examples above are probably already taken. But their are so many more interesting e-mail names available from just one provider. To check it out go  the link above and check in for a free account and then you’ll see all the possibilities available and. Check and see if your name or combination of words is already taken.
On the other hand, services like the Microsoft Hotmail don’t offer much in the way of unique and memorable e-mail names. Your choice.

Should you keep Windows XP?

It has been said that Microsoft Corp. will stop support of Windows XP this month. Of course, that does not mean that Windows XP will just go away. It does mean that you are not going to order a new PC with the old software on  it.  However, there are a number of users who would rather have Windows XP than either Visa or Windows 7.
If you wish to purchase Windows XP from a retailer, you can still do that. The price is about half of what you pay for windows s7. Most of the major manufacturers will continue to have the necessary drivers for Windows XP as well as other versions of Windows.
One of the reasons for not using Windows XP is a security issue. Recently we reported here at the NAS had announced that everybody should stop using windows XP because of security issues.
So there you have it, go ahead and use it if you want. As for me, I’m in the process of switching over, but it takes time to get used to a different operating system.