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Cheap and Good Windows Computer Now!

Now you really can get a real Computer with Windows and an Intel CPU for less that you thought. This is not about some wimpy tablet from Walmart, but a real computer you can use in your home.

Both Intel and others make powerful computers you can use with a modem TV set.  This helps keep the cost down. And they are very fast.

You have to also add a keyboard and Mose, but that is easy to  do. Andy standard USB keyboard and mouse will do. They connect to a TV set using the HDMI interface, which has now become standard of most new TV sets.

You can find these yourself with search for the following word phrase:

Good  Cheap Windows Computers.

You should find this models, among others.

Kangaroo MD2B Mobile Desktop Computer

Intel Compute Stick

Zotac ZBOX-PI330-W2B Intel Atom

Azulle Access Plus Fanless Mini PC Stick

Before you buy any of these, check around and get the full specs. These and Not laptops or tablets. They require you to have you own monitor of TV set.






Avoid Microsoft Surface Pro Now.

Until they fix the battery battery trouble,  a new Surface Pro  may be a real headache.

The problem is not new at all. But they can not fix it. Users keep reporting thebateriesoverheat and do not hold the advertised 6 hours change. So far, Microsoft, the maker, has not fould a believable excuse.

There are a number of web sites that give the new table tablet  computer  less that perfect scores. It is all about the battery life. Unless you don’t mind sjhor battery life, you should look elsewhere for a new table tablet computer.

( It is a ‘table tablet’ because it allows a keyboard to be attached and stand up on a table top.)

Here is a link that criticizes the Surface Pro.

This Reddit makes me think I should avoid surface devices from Surface



How to find Free Cloud Service

Perhaps you already have a cloud service for storing your photos, music and videos. Do you want another one?

With such a service you can take material from your personal computer and copied onto the cloud service. Then when you are moving about you have your smart phone with you and you can look at your photos are here your favorite music from the cloud service

This is not about which cloud services the best. But this is about how you find the one that best suits you. In fact, I suggested to try more than just one service. Many of these services are free and give you the opportunity to try out different features without committing yourself to a contract.

I recommend that you read the following article from another site. It goes into much greater detail about what you can expect from the popular cloud services. I believe the article is there and very comprehensive and has some good ideas about what you can accomplish with a cloud service. I recommend you try a free service first. Then if you like it, you might pay for it. Or maybe not.

Some free services are more than what the average person needs anyway. So if it’s free, why not just go ahead and use it to your baggage?

Here is the recommended article to help you choose the best cloud storage for you.

Cloud Services – Tech Radar May 2015

How to save a webpage for the visually handicapped person.

Perhaps you have come across an interesting webpage and you would like it to be available for a person with visual difficulties. Your browser already has provisions to a large the font size of the page. However, that may not be enough to make the material easy to read for a visually impaired person.
A practical alternative is to print the page as a PDF file. Why? Because once the file is in PDF format, it becomes easier to edit and rearrange so that the person with limited vision can easily read the text. And the PDF viewer has additional features for enlarging the view area, and allowing the page to be scrolled not just up and down, but also left or right. A browser that’s used for a webpage does not always allow for that kind of manipulation. But once you have the file in the PDF format, you have much more control over how it appears on the computer monitor.
As for myself, I am visually impaired and that is one of the tricks I use when I come upon something quite interesting that I would like to save and be able to read it leisurely when I have more time.
If you know someone with vision problems, you may want to share this idea with him. Just install a PDF viewer that includes the option of printing to a PDF file. Then, whenever an interesting webpages found it can be printed to a PDF file that later can be manipulated and edited for easy viewing.

What to do if your computer irks you.

Do you have a hard time with Personal Computer problems?

Do a search on the Internet can help . Sometimes. Hare are some ideas.

… a brief overview of the basics of troubleshooting a computer problem. Following these steps will help identify a problem and will help direct you in finding the resolution to a problem.  …

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Computer troubleshooting overview

Microsoft tips  for Windows.

common PC problems you can fix yourself
By Kim Komando
Computer problems may seem immensely complicated at first glance. But some are relatively easy to fix.
That doesn’t mean they will be cheap if someone else does the job. Replacing a hard drive is probably a minimum $250-300 job at a computer shop.  …

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Tips for fixing common sound problems.

Here are some solutions for getting proper sound from your computer. These solutions can also help if you don’t hear any sounds from your computer or from a sound device connected to your computer, such as a microphone or speakers. …

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It might not even be a recent technology advancement.y. Instead, you  are  just frustrated.
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User Frustration with Technology in the Workplace.
(Above link requires a PDF reader.)