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Change Server. Again. DNS delay

Help9pm is now on a new server. It takes time to update DNS.

We had some kind of issue with SSL and had to move to a new server.

SSL is a software standard for a secure connection that does not allow a malicious attack on a web page. It seems that somehow I lost the SSL and go some damage to my site. Now everything is good.

Th eSSL problem is now over. I do not understand what happened. But I have move this web site over to another server in a different country and it is now working much better.

Glad to see you found us again!  


Google helps NASA find a planet far away.

Google helps NASA finsd a planet far away from us.

These stories indicate taht AI was used to find a planet. Therefore it is a computer news story. Read the stories below for the details.


NASA has discovered an eighth planet around a distant star, which means we’re no longer the largest solar system we know of. The discovery was made thanks to some artificial intelligence help from Google, which found the planet by scouring previously overlooked “weak” signals in data captured by the Kepler Space Telescope. The newly found planet is located in the solar system around Kepler-90, a star about 2,500 light-years away from Earth that was previously discovered in 2014.

 How can they find another solar system so far away?




Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Hello world!

My blog got lost when my server went down. I  will restore from may backup. Please check back soon.

I am going out on a limb.


How to visualize what yu can not see.

Impossible? Almost. But some man have done just that. Think about silicon  CPU in your computer.

About 30 years ago Intel introduced the 036 CPU for desktop computers and workstations. That tiny slice of silicon had some features as small as one micro meter in width. Can you imagine how small one micro meter is?  A human hair is about a 50 micro melter in thickness. Think of a copper wire 50 times smaller.

But now Intel and others make silicon chips with traces as small as 22 nanometers. And they say then can go done to 10 nm and below.

Wikipedia has some articles about how semiconductor chips are made.

Start here:

Here is the copyrighted an image you will find there:

Next, watch a video on you tube:

How hey make Silicon Wafers and Computer Chips.

That is amazing!




How to Make a Hotspot for Internet on Vacation

You already know that your tablet or laptop computer can get into the Internet if you are near a Wi-Fi hotspot. For example the local public library, a local coffee shop or even McDonald’s offer free Wi-Fi to their customers.

But what about if you’re on vacation far away from the city and you would like to surf the Internet? Well, you likely have a smart phone that has Internet access but you find the screen of your smart phone is rather small for doing much web surfing.

Did you know there is a way to tether your smart phone to your tablet or laptop? Sometimes this is called tethering and other times it is called hotspot. With a USB cable you can connect the phone to your tablet and turn on the tethering option. But you can also use the Wi-Fi. Turn Wi-Fi on in your tablet. Then make sure Wi-Fi is off on your smart phone and get into the Internet using your data service. Been looking around inside the android menus you should find a place where it says you can turn on a hotspot. When you find it, you have the option of putting in a password to prevent other people from using it. But if you’re in a remote area, that would hardly be needed.

The advantage  is that your tablet provides a much nicer screen for movies. And here’s the surprise. Some mobile carriers will not charge you data usage if you use it only for watching movies on certain services. For example, Netflix has an agreement with many of the will cell phone carriers to let people watch as much as they want without going over there data connection limit. Ask your local cell phone service provider. I have used it and found it to be a real neat way to watch movies or TV shows and not get charged for over use of my data plan. In fact, I got one of those free phones for people with limited income. And yes, I am unlimited income. True, I have this website, but I’m not rich.

The cell phone carrier I received was a company called TAG. The service they offer is through T-Mobile and streaming Netflix through my phone does not incur extra data charges. So I thought that was a very neat trick. A free phone and all the Netflix I want. Of course, I still have to pay for my Netflix. No I don’t. My daughter let’s me use her Netflix account. Netflix lets you use up to four different devices for one Netflix account.

So yes, I watch Netflix for free on my phone phone. And if I want a bigger screen I can tether or hotspot my phone so that my tablet will pick it up on Wi-Fi or USB. Check with your local service provider to see what their policy is about watching movies and about using a hotspot. Some providers will charge you extra for adding a hotspot to your smart phone. So you need to check first.

More cheap cell phones from China.

The Chinese already produce lots of cell phones and they’re going to start producing more and more. So expect the price to come down on some very nice cell phones Look at photo.


How do I know this is true? Because recently one of the big cell phone manufacturers in China has purchased patents from Iker soft. No not a half dozen patents, instead some 1500 patents were purchased by a big Chinese telecom maker from the great big software maker.

Reference: Microsoft Sells Patents.

The exact details of how much it cost was not given, but it was definitely related to telecommunication patents and this has led rise to the idea that the company will be wanting to sell products to the United States. Without the sufficient patents, it would be near impossible to sell anything in the United States.

The United States has patents for almost anything and everything related to telecommunications. Now inside their own country this is not a problem for the Chinese. It becomes a problem when they wish to export their best products to the United States.
So then, can the Chinese really make good cell phones? Actually, they do. They already make some very excellent smart phones and now even more will be coming and this should cause the market prices to drop for almost a every cell phone currently on the market.

The IBM Watson project is on the move.

From a Google search:

Watson is an artificially intelligent computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language, developed in IBM’s DeepQA project by a research team led by principal investigator David Ferrucci. Watson was named after IBM’s first CEO and industrialist Thomas J. Watson.

This month IBM has announced that the project known as ‘Watson’ will soon play a big part in all parts of industry, medicine and research. In the San Francisco area the company is helping other companies start new project based on IBM research into artificial intelligence. They say it maybe two years a new kind of  software  will become a Billion dollar industry

For a full story about the company’s expectations, go to the link below:

IBM’s Watson coming to San Francisco

Watson is a computer system that uses artificial intelligence to answer questions posed in what computer scientists call “natural language,” i.e. plain English (or whatever language is being used) rather than programming them.


My Blog is Back.

This blog, Help9pm, has been done for a few months. It is now back with some material to fill in the  gaps.

If you want to contact me directly, see the area above named ‘about me’ for information.


The Avira Boot CD Anti-Virus.

Here is the3 best way to get rid of a nasty malware infection on your Personal Computer. It works even if you PC fails to start u.

In does not fix hardware problems. If is made to repair a computer that has a very bad case of virus infections.

You will need another PC that works and can get to the site of and there  you find instructions. After the download, you will bur the ISO to a black CD. Use a suitable program for making a ISO CD. The ISO image contains all the files needed is one package.

I have used this myself several times and commend it. Of courts, be sure to read the instructions. Anybody can do it.