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Home fires caused by AC adapters and batteries.

The AC adapter for you laptop or tablet might start a fire while you are gone. Ask your insurance company.

Every year there are over a 200,000 home fires in the USA.  Experts say that bad wiring and bad cords are a leading cause. But even the AC adapter for a small device can draw enough current to star a small fire.

Of course, if you smell something burning, you will check it out. And you smoke defector would also warn you.  So you insurance company says to unplug any appliance when you are going away for several hours.

A few years ago some laptop computers caught  on fire. Really!  But is the problem over now? Well, consider how many devices are now coming from other countries where the certification may not be reliable. How do we know for sure the problem devices are no longer being sold?

This article below is about eight years old. We would hope that the things mentioned are no longer true. You decide.

  • Notebook computer batteries that burn up computers, cause other property damage and burn users;
Whenever you buy any electrical device, check to see if it has been certified to meet the requirements st by the insurance companies for electrical devices.


How to find Free Cloud Service

Perhaps you already have a cloud service for storing your photos, music and videos. Do you want another one?

With such a service you can take material from your personal computer and copied onto the cloud service. Then when you are moving about you have your smart phone with you and you can look at your photos are here your favorite music from the cloud service

This is not about which cloud services the best. But this is about how you find the one that best suits you. In fact, I suggested to try more than just one service. Many of these services are free and give you the opportunity to try out different features without committing yourself to a contract.

I recommend that you read the following article from another site. It goes into much greater detail about what you can expect from the popular cloud services. I believe the article is there and very comprehensive and has some good ideas about what you can accomplish with a cloud service. I recommend you try a free service first. Then if you like it, you might pay for it. Or maybe not.

Some free services are more than what the average person needs anyway. So if it’s free, why not just go ahead and use it to your baggage?

Here is the recommended article to help you choose the best cloud storage for you.

Cloud Services – Tech Radar May 2015

Deal s on Brand New Convertible Laptops.

Great Deal s  on Brand New  Convertible Power Laptops.

No joke. If you pay attention and order direct you can get the best deal ever on  a really loaded convertible laptop from a major maker

Some of the new convertible laptops are selling for almost $400 or more below previous retail prices. A convertible has a detachable keyboard and a screen size of 10 to 15 inches. They have Intel CPUs in the i3, i5 and i7 family

One model has a hard drive in the keyboard and a Solid State drive in the  removable  screen  module. So you have the best of both a laptop and a tablet. These units outperform most of the tablets already on the market.

Some of these had retail prices of  from $600 to $800 awhile back.  On the Internet just now companies like:




have remarkable discounts. Why? I don’t know. Maybe nobody is buying.


Windows 10 or Windows 7 – Which?

As you know, current users of Windows 7 and 7 acan upgrade free to Windows 10. If you change you mind, you can go back.

Yes, it is true. You can revert to the prior versions of Windows and not lose your data. Microsoft has made it easy for those of us who are reluctant to move ahead. Built0into the new Windows 10 are tools to let you go back. So what is the catch?   Nothing.

You should not destroy the extra files Windows makes to save you old settings and system. These are needed if and when you  want to roll back the system. And do not use  the disk clean up or any other tools the sweep out extra  files.

Even so, it is always a goo idea to have a reliable backup plan in place. Just in case. If need be, you can install Windows 7 again and get r data back fro the backup. Hopefully that should not be needed.

Still in doubt? Here is a tip. Get another Hard Drive and try Windows 10 on the spare hard drive and see how it works before you commit yourself.


Microsoft suspends Windows 10 Insider updates

Just new before the deadline, Microsoft is changing the rules about Insider Updates. No more for now.

For some time the big software company has been giving insiders a sneak preview o9f the  new Windows 10 OS.  But for now all updates are being held back until the final version is released. Maybe at the end of this month. Wait and see.

Here is a quote:

If you’ve been getting preview builds as a member of the Windows Insider Program, the next released of Windows 10 you get will come from the “production channels,” rather than the Insider preview channel. Microsoft isn’t ruling out the possibility that there may be another update before July 29th, but the company wants to test its Windows Update service, so you won’t be able to download an ISO and do a clean install.

Insiders will be among the first to get the update to Windows 10, although folks who buy an new PC on or after July 29th will also be near the front of the line.

The above was copied from:

So for now, just wait and see.



Will A medical Implant Chip Kill You?

This is about something that could kill you. And possibly it might already be inside your body and was placed there by a medical technician. This type of implant is a small device called the RFID.

In general terms RFID refers to any small device that will return indemnification to a VHF transponder. At the present time these are commonly used to identify your pet in case it becomes stolen or lost. The small chip can be placed underneath the skin and is not uncomfortable after injection.

This is about something that could kill you. And possibly it might already be inside your body and was placed there by a medical technician. This type of implant is a small device called the RFID.

In general terms RFID refers to any small device that will return indemnification to a VHF transponder. At the present time these are commonly used to identify your pet in case it becomes stolen or lost. The small chip can be placed underneath the skin and is not uncomfortable after injection..

It has been proposed that all Americans should carry one of these surgical implants in their body to help identify them in a crisis situation, such as an automobile accident or a sudden stroke. Already many Americans already have such things to help warn the doctors that this person is at risk for certain types of medical problems, such as diabetes, stroke or seizures.

Now the question is, can such a diet device hurt you? Could it be used to deliberately kill a person by remote control? Although that is possible, it is highly unlikely. If somebody wanted to kill you there are already many ways to do that without resorting to advanced technology.
But what about accidents? What about false readings?

The following is an odd answer: A story that illustrates the idea, but is not really a typical situation for most people.

An individual had put several new US $20 bills in his pocket. Then he entered a high-security area and alarms went off. After examining everything in his pockets, it was determined that his wallet had set off the alarm.

Just to be sure, the man crossed over to another area and asked someone to check him with a wand that checks for hidden objects or stolen items. Again, the alarm went off when it got near his wallet.

Now here is a part of the story that’s very funny. They went to a microwave oven and decided to do an experiment. They placed some of the bills inside the microwave and turned it on. Someone had told them that this is a way to deactivate the RFID inside of any object.

Well, what happened was this: the bills caught on fire. In fact, the fire started in the eye of the image on the bill. It seems that that area was the place where the very tiny RFID was embedded in the paper of the bill.

So then, is there any danger of an RFID killing you? No, but don’t put your wallet in a microwave.

Here is a video that was broadcast on NBC.

When not to Use Registry Cleaners?

Microsoft does not support any registry cleaners for current Windows versions after XP.

Microsoft also admits that in some cases the registry can slow your machine and even make it crash. The official opposition is the common use of any registry cleaner will more likely do harm or nothing useful.

You can do search on Bing, Google or Yahoo and find articles from Microsoft that claim the Registry Cleaners are very seldom needed. Errors in the registry are often caused by users doing things they should not do. Such and deleting program files rather that do a proper uninstall.  As for the small  bits and pieces left in the resistivity, these  do not slow down the PC.  Most slow downs are caused by programs not running properly do to incorrect installation.

If you think a certain program is taking too much time to do a task , there are some steps you can take without using any registry cleaner.

First thing to do is check for any kind of virus in the system. This is the more common cause  of slow down.  Next, c heck the hard drive for errors. After that , use the fragmentation tool to improve the file access of the hard drive.

In some cases a specific program must be removed completion and installed again. After that step the registry values for that program wit be correct.

WARNING.  Some of the Registry Programs install advertisements on your computer. That just makes you even more annoyed at your PC!

Oh, forgot to mention it. Older versions of Windows from XP and before  do need  fro a good vestry cleaner.



Panama needs Water.

The Panama Camel is running short on Water. The 100 year old  shortcut for imports can not expand its service without more water.

The main source of energy for the locks is fresh water from a mountain reservoir high above the sea level. Use of any other earner would likely be either too expensive or increase the carbon output of Panama.

Recently the government of Panama stared a project to add larger locks to the camel to allow super size vessels s is pass thru the system. However, there is not piratical way to increase the size of the fresh water resevoir tath supplies  gravity feed water to the cancel. Use of Nuclear energy wouold be very expensive, besides being unpopular. Fossil fuel generators would emit tons of carbon into the air. And solar panels can not meet the depend at a price panama could pay.

Will this have any impart on the rest of us? No likely. But it could be an issue that will lead to international conflict.  The government of Panama is going to be the target of political and economic pressure if they can not expand the capacity of the camel. Last year is finishing 100 years.

Here is a video.




Fuel Cells: Automobiles and Smart phones

You must have heard that Toyota is making  automobiles to run on Fuel Cells.

It  is said that fuel cells will be much more efficient and practical than batteries. If the fuel cell technology becomes widespread, it means that technology could even be used with more devices, should shares laptop computers and smart phones

What is the advantage?

For one, fuel cells have the potential of reducing energy waste because of their higher efficiency and those helping resolve some controversial problems about the use of fossil fuels. Fuel cells can be fueled by some type of fossil fuel or possibly something that does not require the use of a fossil fuels shores. Fuel cells can work on straight hydrogen that can be made from water.
If your cellphone used a fuel cell you would carry a small cartridge in your pocket to recharge the fuel cell when it to rent out of energy. The cartridge could recharge the cell perhaps three or four times before the cartridge itself has to be refilled. And the cartridge is much faster than trying to recharge your batteries using electricity. The cartridge will recharge the fuel cell in less than a minute.
So when will fuel cells be available for smart phones? Actually, they already are available if you have an apple I phone. But the price is very, very high. But that could change next year.

How You Can Get Gigabit Internet.

Gigabit Internet in Cincinnati.

This is not a joke. Many residents of Cincinnati will soon have gigabit Internet. Conventional wisdom says that is impossible, only a fiber backbone would carry gigabit Internet. Nevertheless, some sources say that companies like Comcast and cities like Cincinnati are planning on providing gigabit service to home users. It sounds absurd, but the technology already exists.

If you like to see more about the news story from Cincinnati, click on the link. I’ve placed just below.

Gigabit Internet in Cincinnati.