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Why do batteries go bad?

You buy a new laptop computer and in less than a year the batteries suddenly will not charge. And you can’t get it charged every  time.

Likely you’ve had this experience and you wonder why. Many electronic devices nowadays to not have anything more that a 90 day guarantee. Sometimes you can get a one-year warranty, the authority might not cover the battery. Why is that.?

The link below will provide some more information, but basically what it says is that lithium ion batteries have a built-in defect. The key ingredient, lithium, is not as stable as you might think. The lithium itself can do something unexpected that will shorten the life of the battery. In addition to this finding, many lithium icon batteries has suddenly caught fire for no apparent reason. Unless the industry gets this figured out, we might have to stop using lithium ion batteries.
If so, that is going to be bad news for a lot of companies that have made heavy investments in lithium ion technology. Hopefully, they’ll eventually get this figured out. But this is been going on for years.
Meanwhile, be careful about how you charge your portable computer. Overcharging is not a good idea. Regardless of what other people might tell you, overcharging the lithium I on battery does not really make it any better. Instead, it can shorten the battery life. If your battery still has 50 or 60% charge on it, don’t put it on the charger until you’re really need to. And even then, there’s no need to go beyond 90% charge. Do not believe people who tell you humus skidded to 100% charge every time. That is absolutely not true.

Link for more information: Why Batteries Fail.


What did Yahoo due to you?

You must averted by now, Yahoo lost data on over 3 billion records.

Actually the data was leaked or revealed to another party. It would have been better if it had literally been lost instead of compromised

It is hard to believe that billion users could have their information leaked out. Yet the press reports comes listed lycée that in 2013 Jacob didn’t have a massive security breach that revealed private information about billions of Yahoo users. That appears to be hard to believe. Even just 300 million would be devastating. It’s reports indicate it was over 3 billion. That is billions built with the capital B.

Yahoo is a milk sucking goat

What would Lyon do with a goat that drinks your milk? What do you do with a service that takes your personal data and lets other use it?

So what can you I do? Almost nothing. It’s water under the bridge. One expert said now it’s time to change your password. Was he kidding West and Mark changing your password now is not going to make a bigger difference about something that was compromised four years ago. They already got your phone number, name and address. The only thing you could protect by changing word your password would be any new information you’ve added since the data breach. In my opinion, and I am not an expert, you just cannot trust Yahoo anymore. But who can you trust? Would AT&T be any better? Hardly, actually AT&T uses Yahoo mail for its own mail servers.
Quite frankly, I now doubt that any electronic mail service can be relied upon for secure communication.
But in all fairness, the compromise was not really about the data, the compromise was about your personal information. This means a lot of people now have access to your phone number and your street address and your date of birth and also your first and last name. That’s more than enough information to start a criminal action. Using just basic information, the criminal can steal your identity and get credit cards and write checks in your name and it will take you quite a while to trace it down and put a stop to it. Meanwhile, you are held guilty or responsible for anything a criminal does with your credit card or your checkbook.

Yes, the criminal can get checks from your bank using your private information that would be in your e-mail account.
Like I said, too late to do anything about it now. But be aware that whatever information you give to an e-mail provider has the potential of getting into the wrong hands.

Cheap and Good Windows Computer Now!

Now you really can get a real Computer with Windows and an Intel CPU for less that you thought. This is not about some wimpy tablet from Walmart, but a real computer you can use in your home.

Both Intel and others make powerful computers you can use with a modem TV set.  This helps keep the cost down. And they are very fast.

You have to also add a keyboard and Mose, but that is easy to  do. Andy standard USB keyboard and mouse will do. They connect to a TV set using the HDMI interface, which has now become standard of most new TV sets.

You can find these yourself with search for the following word phrase:

Good  Cheap Windows Computers.

You should find this models, among others.

Kangaroo MD2B Mobile Desktop Computer

Intel Compute Stick

Zotac ZBOX-PI330-W2B Intel Atom

Azulle Access Plus Fanless Mini PC Stick

Before you buy any of these, check around and get the full specs. These and Not laptops or tablets. They require you to have you own monitor of TV set.






Wiki Leaks and Computer Hacking.

NBC says  the Wiki Leak things reveals a major hacking tool used by CIA.

But now the attention is about who told. The government reaction is al about who told and not about the harm that was done. Here is a quore from the NBC news website:

A MAJOR mole hunt is now underway as the Federal Bureau of Investigation tries to find out how anti-secrecy site WikiLeaks got its hands on alleged CIA hacking tools.

Here’s the link for the Full Story y from NBC.

What can you do? Protect your self with Anti-Virus and backups.


Recalibrate Your Laptop Battery

The battery meter has to be adjusted to keep it accurate.

No, it will not hurt anything if you ignore it. But don’t you want to know how much life is in your battery? Here is the general method.

First, charge the battery fully and then a little more. That way you know it is at 100 per cent full.Next, make a note of the time. Unplug the charger and use your laptop and use it the way you normally do. Do not turn it odd. Just continue to run it on battery until it shuts down by itself.  Note how long it took.

With this information you can now calibrate the charge meter of your laptop. Look in your user guide to see how to doit.

For Apple iPad click here. Apple Battery Adjust.

For HP subnotebook here. HP Battery Meter Fix.

For Dell use this link. Dell notebook Battery calibrate.

Also, there are some video son You Tube about battery calibration.  Take a look at some of the videos and learn how.

YouTube Battery Calibrate Videos.

You can skip the ads and look for a video that best describes your mobile device. It is not hard. Take a look.






Freedom pop. Is it Free or not ?

The Ffreedompop co,pany  claims a free monthly service to smart phone users.  Not  exactly what you think.

Here are the details. Read carefully, very carefully. You buy a Sim card from them for about one dollar and from then on you are able to make phone calls without the need to pay anything more. But it has a  catch, you must agree to a  30 day trial.


During the 30 day trial plan you must cancel your plan. But you get to keep the Sim card and use it to make a few phone calls once in a while. How can they do that? Well, I was not able to locate this information actually printed out in a clear and concise form,.

Here is what I assume they are doing. If you do  go over a certain amount of time any month, they will bill you. But  they don’t tell you. Now if you protest they cancel your account. That, in a nutshell is there a business plan. Now I admit, but I cannot prove it, but this seems to be the case judging by complaints that many have made against the company.

Currently I have a Sim card from freedom pop that works. I only use it when absolutely necessary to make a call when I don’t have my cregular ell phone with me. Here’s what I do: I put  an old smart phone  in my car.  It has he freedom pop Sim card in it along with the freedom pop messaging software. With that I am able to make an occasional telephone call with just that smart phone and the freedom pop Sim card. I

I am unable to tell you exactly how it works, because my online account with freedom pop does not tell me how many minutes I have used and I cannot depend on the phone itself to tell me how much time I have left .

You can check this out yourself and find that a number of big companies have invested in venture capital into this idea. The company is located in California and has expanded into the United Kingdom recently.

This is not an endorsement. I just want to warn you that if you do get into freedom pop expect to have to pay something for the service. It  is a free service only when you  pay attention to the rules, which are rather narrow and hard to understand.

Above is a picture of what they will send you in the mail. It contains a Sim card that looks like any other Sim card. Plus they give you instructions about how to get there messaging service from the Google place site. They claim it also works on the Apple iPhone, but I have not been able to confirm this.


Ifyou need a bigger image to read, click here

If you have comments?

Disclaimer. I don’t work for anyody. I am retired.

Avoid Microsoft Surface Pro Now.

Until they fix the battery battery trouble,  a new Surface Pro  may be a real headache.

The problem is not new at all. But they can not fix it. Users keep reporting thebateriesoverheat and do not hold the advertised 6 hours change. So far, Microsoft, the maker, has not fould a believable excuse.

There are a number of web sites that give the new table tablet  computer  less that perfect scores. It is all about the battery life. Unless you don’t mind sjhor battery life, you should look elsewhere for a new table tablet computer.

( It is a ‘table tablet’ because it allows a keyboard to be attached and stand up on a table top.)

Here is a link that criticizes the Surface Pro.

This Reddit makes me think I should avoid surface devices from Surface



What the FBI wabts Apple to do.

The government wants Apple to unlock  cell phones that were found on two terrorists.

They hope the  i Phones will reveal information about his contacts  and past activity.Two terrorists were killed after the tragic San Bernadino Shooting.

San Bernardino Shooting

Back in December er 14 people were killed in the southern California city. The two shooters were killed before they could destroy the  two Phones.  The FBI  was not able to unlock the phones.

Modern cell phone and tech companies commonly use encryption to protect customers’ data, features that terrorists used to communicate secretly. If a phone is secured with a password, it is almost impossible to access the data.

Apple claims it does not know how to do this. Some lawmakers want to make companies like Apple responsible for this problem. Therefore all phones swill become subject to search if police think it is important to an investigation. It may be that the engineers at Apple did  a very good job. So good it can not be creaked with any reasonable effort.

Here is my thought. Watch this  story. It could mean a major change in what we do with lout cell phones. Someday nothing will ever be private again. Except maybe in your bedroom bathroom.

California Law Would Make Apple Weaken Security.

The Apple iPhone Security will weaken if a new bill becomes law.

Some government authorities want to make it easy for police to see what is in your iPhone or tablet. This has come up before, but now it is getting to be a thing for the politicians to toss around.

Here is post written by Benjamin Mayo elsewhere:

Benjamin Mayo  – 1 day ago

Although the bill is only being proposed and isn’t law at this time, it poses a big issue for Apple which is facing pressure from politicians across the US to relax its stance on privacy in favor of security. The California case is especially problematic given the location of Apple’s HQ. It would be very awkward if Apple was barred from selling iPhones in the state where they’re designed.

If the bill came into effect as written, anyone caught buying an iPhone past January 1st, 2017 would be fined $2,500 per device. Naturally, there’s a reasonable chance this will not be instated, or at least delayed for further review. It is nonetheless a worrying trend for users interested in controlling their own information.

Tim Cook and Apple has repeatedly taken a hard-line stance on privacy.

To see the full text of his article, click here.


Global Warming and Methane Gas.

Did you know Methane Gas is also a big part of the  Global Warming rap?  Read this.

Every day the big oil industry wastes tons of Methane gas. It is also called natural gas. It is everywhere. Even if mankind were to produce no more Carbon Dioxide, Methane will continue to be an ever-present threat to Global Warming.

But what if Global Warming was not a real issue? Even so, the loss of Methane gas represents a big loss of a energy source. Why through it away? Because it is so cheap. Natural gas requires the least processing from field to the pump. The big cost is transport. Natural Gas muse be carried heavy steel tanks and under compression.

For more interesting facts  about natural gas, just do a Google search. Look up this key phrase:

Natural Gas Automobiles in 2016.

You might be amazed by what you read.