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Tylenol moment for Aircraft Company.

Two Boeing 737 max 8 airplanes crashed spreed fear among travelers.  Like what happened to Tylenol.

Years ago something terrible happened to the headache drug Tylenol After that, the company had to struggle to regain its reputation. Now the Boeing Aircraft company has a problem like that. But bigger.

Here is a recent quotation:

Reports of a phone call between Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenberg and US President Donald Trump reportedly imploring the latter not to allow the FAA to ground the MAX provides additional reason for doubt. To wit, why lobby the White House to override the FAA if the technical evidence is clearly on Boeing’s side? This flies in the face of any Boeing public statements about putting safety first.

The source of this is from :

Commentary: Boeing’s Tylenol moment and the need for radical transparency

Click on the above for the full story. What is so bad about this is the apparent effort by Boeing to reduce or alive the fear of travelers who were about to goon a trip on a Boeing aircraft.  This gives everyone the felling that the company is putting profit ahead of Hunan like.

For even more information, yu can search for information about the two sudden crashes of the 737 max airplane. Much of the news reports are critical of the Boeing company. Even the mild reports make the giant company look bad.

Yes, I know. Flying is still the safe way to go long distance.

Horrible Flods in Africa

The worst Even Storm Hits Africa.

You really meed to take a look.  Here is an African web site that gives the latest news about the floods in Africa.

Cyclone, flooding cause widespread damage across Southern Africa

There has never been anything like this in modern history.