Why do batteries go bad?

You buy a new laptop computer and in less than a year the batteries suddenly will not charge. And you can’t get it charged every¬† time.

Likely you’ve had this experience and you wonder why. Many electronic devices nowadays to not have anything more that a 90 day guarantee. Sometimes you can get a one-year warranty, the authority might not cover the battery. Why is that.?

The link below will provide some more information, but basically what it says is that lithium ion batteries have a built-in defect. The key ingredient, lithium, is not as stable as you might think. The lithium itself can do something unexpected that will shorten the life of the battery. In addition to this finding, many lithium icon batteries has suddenly caught fire for no apparent reason. Unless the industry gets this figured out, we might have to stop using lithium ion batteries.
If so, that is going to be bad news for a lot of companies that have made heavy investments in lithium ion technology. Hopefully, they’ll eventually get this figured out. But this is been going on for years.
Meanwhile, be careful about how you charge your portable computer. Overcharging is not a good idea. Regardless of what other people might tell you, overcharging the lithium I on battery does not really make it any better. Instead, it can shorten the battery life. If your battery still has 50 or 60% charge on it, don’t put it on the charger until you’re really need to. And even then, there’s no need to go beyond 90% charge. Do not believe people who tell you humus skidded to 100% charge every time. That is absolutely not true.

Link for more information: Why Batteries Fail.


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