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Two weeks without full Electricity.

Our family has now gone two weeks on emergency power.

My own fault for not doing maintenance on the outdoor service panel. I could happen to you.

When We bought this place about 16 years ago, nobody ever tole me I had to do regular inspection of the outside electrical panel. Or maybe they did and I just forgot.

To keep the cost of repair down, we decided to not do a full replacement of the entire service panel.

Only a portion was damaged due to wear, age and hot weather. Our neighbor has allowed us to have some power using an extension cord.  So we have some lights and can use the microwave if we are very careful.

From this  learned a lot about the use of  AL (aluminum) in residence electrical wiring.  No, this house does not have AL winging inside the house. Instead, AL is used outside in the service panel.

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Why do batteries go bad?

You buy a new laptop computer and in less than a year the batteries suddenly will not charge. And you can’t get it charged every  time.

Likely you’ve had this experience and you wonder why. Many electronic devices nowadays to not have anything more that a 90 day guarantee. Sometimes you can get a one-year warranty, the authority might not cover the battery. Why is that.?

The link below will provide some more information, but basically what it says is that lithium ion batteries have a built-in defect. The key ingredient, lithium, is not as stable as you might think. The lithium itself can do something unexpected that will shorten the life of the battery. In addition to this finding, many lithium icon batteries has suddenly caught fire for no apparent reason. Unless the industry gets this figured out, we might have to stop using lithium ion batteries.
If so, that is going to be bad news for a lot of companies that have made heavy investments in lithium ion technology. Hopefully, they’ll eventually get this figured out. But this is been going on for years.
Meanwhile, be careful about how you charge your portable computer. Overcharging is not a good idea. Regardless of what other people might tell you, overcharging the lithium I on battery does not really make it any better. Instead, it can shorten the battery life. If your battery still has 50 or 60% charge on it, don’t put it on the charger until you’re really need to. And even then, there’s no need to go beyond 90% charge. Do not believe people who tell you humus skidded to 100% charge every time. That is absolutely not true.

Link for more information: Why Batteries Fail.


Warning Five Years ago: Terrorist Wildfire

Five years ago,  Homeland Security  warning of Terrorist Wildfire Attacks.

Here is the link:

So far, there has not been anything  to indicate the recent wildfires were set by Terrorists. This is posted here only for informational purpose. It would seem very unlikely that this could have been organized.


Terrible Fires in California.

All of California has Wild Fires.

A  incredible  wild fire extents for Santa Rosa to Colusa here in Northern California.

Colusa, California has a population of about 6,000 people and the wild fire got to the edge of that town. But the worst hit was the city of Santa Rosa.

The governor has ordered thousands of firfighters to battle the fires.  Some 12,000 people have had to leave behind their houses. Many can not go back. Hundredths  maybe thousands of houses have been destroyed.

It is said  these fires really are much worse and bigger that ever before.  What can be done is not clear. Be prepared for more bad news.

For a map of all the fires, just Google for a map of California fires.




What did Yahoo due to you?

You must averted by now, Yahoo lost data on over 3 billion records.

Actually the data was leaked or revealed to another party. It would have been better if it had literally been lost instead of compromised

It is hard to believe that billion users could have their information leaked out. Yet the press reports comes listed lycée that in 2013 Jacob didn’t have a massive security breach that revealed private information about billions of Yahoo users. That appears to be hard to believe. Even just 300 million would be devastating. It’s reports indicate it was over 3 billion. That is billions built with the capital B.

Yahoo is a milk sucking goat

What would Lyon do with a goat that drinks your milk? What do you do with a service that takes your personal data and lets other use it?

So what can you I do? Almost nothing. It’s water under the bridge. One expert said now it’s time to change your password. Was he kidding West and Mark changing your password now is not going to make a bigger difference about something that was compromised four years ago. They already got your phone number, name and address. The only thing you could protect by changing word your password would be any new information you’ve added since the data breach. In my opinion, and I am not an expert, you just cannot trust Yahoo anymore. But who can you trust? Would AT&T be any better? Hardly, actually AT&T uses Yahoo mail for its own mail servers.
Quite frankly, I now doubt that any electronic mail service can be relied upon for secure communication.
But in all fairness, the compromise was not really about the data, the compromise was about your personal information. This means a lot of people now have access to your phone number and your street address and your date of birth and also your first and last name. That’s more than enough information to start a criminal action. Using just basic information, the criminal can steal your identity and get credit cards and write checks in your name and it will take you quite a while to trace it down and put a stop to it. Meanwhile, you are held guilty or responsible for anything a criminal does with your credit card or your checkbook.

Yes, the criminal can get checks from your bank using your private information that would be in your e-mail account.
Like I said, too late to do anything about it now. But be aware that whatever information you give to an e-mail provider has the potential of getting into the wrong hands.

So, what happened to Help9pm

Yes, it has been a while since I made the post here.

Let me explain what happened.

The service I was using somehow changed ownership and both of the sites I had are lost.   Rather than file some kind of a complaint against the new owner, I did the best I could to try to work with him and get my sites up and running. Unfortunately, neither he was too busy to pay attention to my request or he didn’t understand what happened.
Apparently, when he took over the server he somehow thought that I owed him money. That was not true, I was already paid up and my subscription was not yet t due.
So, to make a long story short, I ended up buying a new service from another company. My feeling was that if he didn’t understand what I needed and he abruptly cut me off without sufficient warning, I would have better off getting service from somebody else.
Would you like to hear more about my experiences trying to get good web host service at a low cost?
I think I’m going to try to sell web hosting myself. By paying more money to a better firm they will let me resell some part of the webspace to other people. I think this is a good idea.
If you might be interested, you can contact me with the following e-mail address :

My intent is to offer basic see panel web hosting for about $.80 a month or maybe $9 for a full year.

I will have more information later on.