Learn More About Methane.

Methane will be a big part of your future. For  better or worse.

Credible publications are warring people about the the dangs and the benefits of methane. Yes,  the common invisible gas that is made by animals and vegetable decay can benefit you if men make the right decisions now. But if not, methane will bring on global warming more that just carbon dioxide.

But here is the good part. Methane is a good fuel. It becomes Co2 when consumed. But that is good. Because CO2 is much less harmful to the earth than  methane.

True, this may seem hard to understand. If we ignore it, methane can make weather on the Earth much more severe. But if you harness it, we can have abundant energy for our needs for a long time into the future.

I will post some news findings about methane in my next post.

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