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Don’t buy a solar energy system now.

Don’t get caught up in the current solar energy mania. There are other ways to cut your energy costs without doing a major investment.

First of all, do you live in an area where solar energy would be very productive? Actually, only a portion of the United States is well-suited to solar energy. It is the area known as the Southwest United States which includes the lower half of California and the western half of Texas and all of Arizona and most of new Mexico.
Do not expect a solar panel salesmen to provide you with all the relevant facts. In some areas the cost of electric power is very low and will probably stay that way for a long time. Also, if some new development should occur, the power companies would be the first to take advantage of it for their own benefit.
What many homeowners do not realize is that many large companies have looked at the alternatives and have made other decisions. In some cases they are using fuel cells to convert natural gas and electricity. Of course, that doesn’t do a whole lot for the environment, but it is very cost effective. The reason is that natural gas is available almost everywhere. It can be piped across United States through pipelines or it can be liquefied and freight trains. Natural gas is extremely available everywhere. In some parts of United States is not enough sunlight to justify solar energy installations. But those areas can benefit by the use of fuel cells that depend on natural gas.
So then, to answer the question here are the two major issues. The first is do you live in an area where solar energy really would be productive? The second question: What is the cost is relative to the cost of electrical energy in your area?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating that we consume all the fossil fuels we can find. Rather my objection is to the flimflam shoddy misrepresentation being made by solar panel salesmen. It is not a good return on your investment. It takes years and years for become cost effective. There are other ways to save your energy costs.
Here are some other things that will help you cut your energy costs. Improve the insulation in your existing home. Think about heating or cooling your home with other types of equipment. In some places a water-cooler can be just as effective as an air-conditioning unit and cost a lot less to maintain and use.
At the present time there is a lot of research being done on alternate forms of energy. Most likely the big energy companies are going to get into this before the average person can benefit. It is just the way it is. It takes money to save money. The big companies will invest their money in the kind of research that will produce real results inside of a reasonable timeline.

Now in your case, do you really think that you can wait 40 years to see if you got the right return on your investment?  Probably not.