More cheap cell phones from China.

The Chinese already produce lots of cell phones and they’re going to start producing more and more. So expect the price to come down on some very nice cell phones Look at photo.


How do I know this is true? Because recently one of the big cell phone manufacturers in China has purchased patents from Iker soft. No not a half dozen patents, instead some 1500 patents were purchased by a big Chinese telecom maker from the great big software maker.

Reference: Microsoft Sells Patents.

The exact details of how much it cost was not given, but it was definitely related to telecommunication patents and this has led rise to the idea that the company will be wanting to sell products to the United States. Without the sufficient patents, it would be near impossible to sell anything in the United States.

The United States has patents for almost anything and everything related to telecommunications. Now inside their own country this is not a problem for the Chinese. It becomes a problem when they wish to export their best products to the United States.
So then, can the Chinese really make good cell phones? Actually, they do. They already make some very excellent smart phones and now even more will be coming and this should cause the market prices to drop for almost a every cell phone currently on the market.

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