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Site is back up. Thanks for waiting.

My blog was down for several days and now it is back. Not sure what happened. So from now on I will do more backups.

As the Internet becomes more popular, expect to see more sites having some kind of issues. The Internet is growing and even the big companies have shard time keeping up with the new stuff.

Recently CBS listed some things you can expect to show up this year. One is the average cost of electricity will go up.To about 15 cents per kilowatt hoer. So you may want to think about cutting back on things you do not really need.

But if you heat your house with natural gas, you will come out ahead. Natural Gas prices will go down this year.

What about the value of your homed? It will go up a bit this year, but not very much.

Let’s talk about something else. Gadgets. We love gadgets.At the Consumer Electronics Show,  held in January in in Las Vegas, manufacturers showed the newest high-tech gadgets for the home. At least 20 press conferences were scheduled for the show, featuring companies like Samsung,  Sony and others.  Evin NETFLIX  was there.  They must have something coming. Wat and see.

Still, don’t get too excited. There are other things more important that money and toys.