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What the FBI wabts Apple to do.

The government wants Apple to unlock  cell phones that were found on two terrorists.

They hope the  i Phones will reveal information about his contacts  and past activity.Two terrorists were killed after the tragic San Bernadino Shooting.

San Bernardino Shooting

Back in December er 14 people were killed in the southern California city. The two shooters were killed before they could destroy the  two Phones.  The FBI  was not able to unlock the phones.

Modern cell phone and tech companies commonly use encryption to protect customers’ data, features that terrorists used to communicate secretly. If a phone is secured with a password, it is almost impossible to access the data.

Apple claims it does not know how to do this. Some lawmakers want to make companies like Apple responsible for this problem. Therefore all phones swill become subject to search if police think it is important to an investigation. It may be that the engineers at Apple did  a very good job. So good it can not be creaked with any reasonable effort.

Here is my thought. Watch this  story. It could mean a major change in what we do with lout cell phones. Someday nothing will ever be private again. Except maybe in your bedroom bathroom.