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California Law Would Make Apple Weaken Security.

The Apple iPhone Security will weaken if a new bill becomes law.

Some government authorities want to make it easy for police to see what is in your iPhone or tablet. This has come up before, but now it is getting to be a thing for the politicians to toss around.

Here is post written by Benjamin Mayo elsewhere:

Benjamin Mayo  – 1 day ago

Although the bill is only being proposed and isn’t law at this time, it poses a big issue for Apple which is facing pressure from politicians across the US to relax its stance on privacy in favor of security. The California case is especially problematic given the location of Apple’s HQ. It would be very awkward if Apple was barred from selling iPhones in the state where they’re designed.

If the bill came into effect as written, anyone caught buying an iPhone past January 1st, 2017 would be fined $2,500 per device. Naturally, there’s a reasonable chance this will not be instated, or at least delayed for further review. It is nonetheless a worrying trend for users interested in controlling their own information.

Tim Cook and Apple has repeatedly taken a hard-line stance on privacy.

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