Global Warming and Methane Gas.

Did you know Methane Gas is also a big part of the  Global Warming rap?  Read this.

Every day the big oil industry wastes tons of Methane gas. It is also called natural gas. It is everywhere. Even if mankind were to produce no more Carbon Dioxide, Methane will continue to be an ever-present threat to Global Warming.

But what if Global Warming was not a real issue? Even so, the loss of Methane gas represents a big loss of a energy source. Why through it away? Because it is so cheap. Natural gas requires the least processing from field to the pump. The big cost is transport. Natural Gas muse be carried heavy steel tanks and under compression.

For more interesting facts  about natural gas, just do a Google search. Look up this key phrase:

Natural Gas Automobiles in 2016.

You might be amazed by what you read.



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