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Home fires caused by AC adapters and batteries.

The AC adapter for you laptop or tablet might start a fire while you are gone. Ask your insurance company.

Every year there are over a 200,000 home fires in the USA.  Experts say that bad wiring and bad cords are a leading cause. But even the AC adapter for a small device can draw enough current to star a small fire.

Of course, if you smell something burning, you will check it out. And you smoke defector would also warn you.  So you insurance company says to unplug any appliance when you are going away for several hours.

A few years ago some laptop computers caught  on fire. Really!  But is the problem over now? Well, consider how many devices are now coming from other countries where the certification may not be reliable. How do we know for sure the problem devices are no longer being sold?

This article below is about eight years old. We would hope that the things mentioned are no longer true. You decide.

  • Notebook computer batteries that burn up computers, cause other property damage and burn users;
Whenever you buy any electrical device, check to see if it has been certified to meet the requirements st by the insurance companies for electrical devices.