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How to find Free Cloud Service

Perhaps you already have a cloud service for storing your photos, music and videos. Do you want another one?

With such a service you can take material from your personal computer and copied onto the cloud service. Then when you are moving about you have your smart phone with you and you can look at your photos are here your favorite music from the cloud service

This is not about which cloud services the best. But this is about how you find the one that best suits you. In fact, I suggested to try more than just one service. Many of these services are free and give you the opportunity to try out different features without committing yourself to a contract.

I recommend that you read the following article from another site. It goes into much greater detail about what you can expect from the popular cloud services. I believe the article is there and very comprehensive and has some good ideas about what you can accomplish with a cloud service. I recommend you try a free service first. Then if you like it, you might pay for it. Or maybe not.

Some free services are more than what the average person needs anyway. So if it’s free, why not just go ahead and use it to your baggage?

Here is the recommended article to help you choose the best cloud storage for you.

Cloud Services – Tech Radar May 2015

You Tube Videos of on Police Corruption

Find Shocking Videos of Police Brutality.

You Tube has dozens of videos taken recently of very odd police behavior. You should see!

Brutal Police Videos

Most of these are recent, but some going back ten years. The growth use of cell phones with video cam  made it possible to record more of what the police officers do. In some states the FBI is now investigating.

FBI Invests a California Police Department

With the Internet we learn more about the world we live in.

Like it or not.