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Microsoft suspends Windows 10 Insider updates

Just new before the deadline, Microsoft is changing the rules about Insider Updates. No more for now.

For some time the big software company has been giving insiders a sneak preview o9f the  new Windows 10 OS.  But for now all updates are being held back until the final version is released. Maybe at the end of this month. Wait and see.

Here is a quote:

If you’ve been getting preview builds as a member of the Windows Insider Program, the next released of Windows 10 you get will come from the “production channels,” rather than the Insider preview channel. Microsoft isn’t ruling out the possibility that there may be another update before July 29th, but the company wants to test its Windows Update service, so you won’t be able to download an ISO and do a clean install.

Insiders will be among the first to get the update to Windows 10, although folks who buy an new PC on or after July 29th will also be near the front of the line.

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So for now, just wait and see.