When not to Use Registry Cleaners?

Microsoft does not support any registry cleaners for current Windows versions after XP.

Microsoft also admits that in some cases the registry can slow your machine and even make it crash. The official opposition is the common use of any registry cleaner will more likely do harm or nothing useful.

You can do search on Bing, Google or Yahoo and find articles from Microsoft that claim the Registry Cleaners are very seldom needed. Errors in the registry are often caused by users doing things they should not do. Such and deleting program files rather that do a proper uninstall.  As for the small  bits and pieces left in the resistivity, these  do not slow down the PC.  Most slow downs are caused by programs not running properly do to incorrect installation.

If you think a certain program is taking too much time to do a task , there are some steps you can take without using any registry cleaner.

First thing to do is check for any kind of virus in the system. This is the more common cause  of slow down.  Next, c heck the hard drive for errors. After that , use the fragmentation tool to improve the file access of the hard drive.

In some cases a specific program must be removed completion and installed again. After that step the registry values for that program wit be correct.

WARNING.  Some of the Registry Programs install advertisements on your computer. That just makes you even more annoyed at your PC!

Oh, forgot to mention it. Older versions of Windows from XP and before  do need  fro a good vestry cleaner.



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