Panama needs Water.

The Panama Camel is running short on Water. The 100 year old  shortcut for imports can not expand its service without more water.

The main source of energy for the locks is fresh water from a mountain reservoir high above the sea level. Use of any other earner would likely be either too expensive or increase the carbon output of Panama.

Recently the government of Panama stared a project to add larger locks to the camel to allow super size vessels s is pass thru the system. However, there is not piratical way to increase the size of the fresh water resevoir tath supplies  gravity feed water to the cancel. Use of Nuclear energy wouold be very expensive, besides being unpopular. Fossil fuel generators would emit tons of carbon into the air. And solar panels can not meet the depend at a price panama could pay.

Will this have any impart on the rest of us? No likely. But it could be an issue that will lead to international conflict.  The government of Panama is going to be the target of political and economic pressure if they can not expand the capacity of the camel. Last year is finishing 100 years.

Here is a video.




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