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Panama needs Water.

The Panama Camel is running short on Water. The 100 year old  shortcut for imports can not expand its service without more water.

The main source of energy for the locks is fresh water from a mountain reservoir high above the sea level. Use of any other earner would likely be either too expensive or increase the carbon output of Panama.

Recently the government of Panama stared a project to add larger locks to the camel to allow super size vessels s is pass thru the system. However, there is not piratical way to increase the size of the fresh water resevoir tath supplies  gravity feed water to the cancel. Use of Nuclear energy wouold be very expensive, besides being unpopular. Fossil fuel generators would emit tons of carbon into the air. And solar panels can not meet the depend at a price panama could pay.

Will this have any impart on the rest of us? No likely. But it could be an issue that will lead to international conflict.  The government of Panama is going to be the target of political and economic pressure if they can not expand the capacity of the camel. Last year is finishing 100 years.

Here is a video.




Fuel Cells: Automobiles and Smart phones

You must have heard that Toyota is making  automobiles to run on Fuel Cells.

It  is said that fuel cells will be much more efficient and practical than batteries. If the fuel cell technology becomes widespread, it means that technology could even be used with more devices, should shares laptop computers and smart phones

What is the advantage?

For one, fuel cells have the potential of reducing energy waste because of their higher efficiency and those helping resolve some controversial problems about the use of fossil fuels. Fuel cells can be fueled by some type of fossil fuel or possibly something that does not require the use of a fossil fuels shores. Fuel cells can work on straight hydrogen that can be made from water.
If your cellphone used a fuel cell you would carry a small cartridge in your pocket to recharge the fuel cell when it to rent out of energy. The cartridge could recharge the cell perhaps three or four times before the cartridge itself has to be refilled. And the cartridge is much faster than trying to recharge your batteries using electricity. The cartridge will recharge the fuel cell in less than a minute.
So when will fuel cells be available for smart phones? Actually, they already are available if you have an apple I phone. But the price is very, very high. But that could change next year.