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Leaks Exposed US Spy Programme

The scandal broke in early June 2013 when the Guardian newspaper reported that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was collecting the telephone records of tens of millions of Americans.

The paper published the secret court order directing telecommunications company Verizon to hand over all its telephone data to the NSA on an “ongoing daily basis”.

That report was followed by revelations in both the Washington Post and Guardian that the NSA tapped directly into the servers of nine internet firms including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to track online communication in a surveillance programme known as Prism.

For the full story, follow this link:
BBC News

Cyber Thieves Will Steal Your Tax Return.

Yes, Cyber Thieves May Snatch Your Tax Return.

It’s happening again this year. Both the Internal Revenue Service and state tax agencies are reporting a sharp increase in fraudulent tax return for this year. The issue is not about taxpayers who want to cheat, but about taxpayers. The don’t know somebody else has stolen their account.

Basically what happens is the site receives get into the accounts of certain online tax companies and steel users passwords. Using that information, they get full access to all users. Previous returns.
So this means you can be caught up in the problem without even knowing it. Once you find out, it may take months to get it straightened out with the appropriate agency.

There is even the possibility they can throw you in jail for a crime  somebody else commuted.

Don’t think this will not happen to you. Who does your tax return? You? A professional? Is your tax return filed electronically?

If you answered yes to the last question, you need to do some research. Right now. Check with Google or Yahoo or Bing and search for” cyber crimes and tax returns.”. Federal and state agencies are warning everybody that does electronic filing. There is a real danger of identity theft.

Watch out!

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