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The legacy of Rachel Carson.

” Silent spring”

Recently I made a post entitled” DDT is good for me” which really was a title on an advertisement posted years ago. Likely, most readers of this blog don’t know who Rachel Carson was. In her time there is no such thing as the environmental protection agency. Because of the efforts of her and other scientists nowadays, there are federal agencies that control the amount of insecticides and pesticides that can be released into the ground and water. Before that, use of DDT and other dangerous chemicals was widespread in an effort to control malaria and improve crop production worldwide.
Rachel Carson was both a marine biologist and a popular author. Her books were nonfiction, yet were presented with a style that appealed to a wide range of readers. You didn’t have to be a scientist, you get the point. What she was trying to say. Sheewas saying that if there is no control over the use of chemicals we will eventually kill off part of the wildlife that we enjoy. Her most famous book was called.” Silent spring” and earned her the wrath of some of the chemical companies that profit from producing DDT as a means to make easy money. DDT is relatively easy to make and people believed that it was harmless to humans. That it is easy to make is true. But being harmless to humans is not true. Even in small amounts DDT can have long-term effects. In fact, only recently has DDT has been linked to Alzheimer’s and other diseases of the elderly.
So, I am recommending that you go to your local library and check out a copy of  her famous book  ” Silent spring”  and  look it over. You’ll be surprised. Back in the early 60s, such an idea was considered very radical.