What to do if your computer irks you.

Do you have a hard time with Personal Computer problems?

Do a search on the Internet can help . Sometimes. Hare are some ideas.

… a brief overview of the basics of troubleshooting a computer problem. Following these steps will help identify a problem and will help direct you in finding the resolution to a problem.  …

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Computer troubleshooting overview

Microsoft tips  for Windows.

common PC problems you can fix yourself
By Kim Komando
Computer problems may seem immensely complicated at first glance. But some are relatively easy to fix.
That doesn’t mean they will be cheap if someone else does the job. Replacing a hard drive is probably a minimum $250-300 job at a computer shop.  …

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Tips for fixing common sound problems.

Here are some solutions for getting proper sound from your computer. These solutions can also help if you don’t hear any sounds from your computer or from a sound device connected to your computer, such as a microphone or speakers. …

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It might not even be a recent technology advancement.y. Instead, you  are  just frustrated.
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User Frustration with Technology in the Workplace.
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