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What about Windows 8 on your PC.

Today stalk about the operating system from Microsoft that is now labeled Windows 8.  This is the operating system that now, most on all new desktop and the laptop computers that use the Microsoft system.  If you prefer to use an overall operating system, you’ll have to request November to install it for you or you can do it herself.
However, if you are currently using Windows 7, there is little need to upgrade to true Windows 8 at this time.  The principal advantage of Windows 8 is the ability to use a touch screen instead of trust the keyboard and mouse.
Some computer users who have found the new system on their laptop computers have attempted coup downgrade their computers through the older operating system.  That is monitored with the idea.  For one, if a while it the warranty.  And also there may be some hardware features that really don’t work well on the older operating system.  Nevertheless, is possible to make the new windows 8 looks like the older operating system.  This can make some computer users feel more comfortable, especially volatile books that have been using a personal computer for several years.
In my next post, I’ll talk about how to make the new Windows 8 operating system  look and perform like the prior version. In fact, it can be altered to look like Windows XP, which is now outdated..

New Violent Spiderman Movine Coming.

There is a new Spider Man Movie coming soon to theaters in North America. This new release has some new effects and lots of tricks for the web Salinger comic book hero,

It is a lot of  fun, but be warned it is very fast and violent. To the extreme. To see a trailer, find You Tube and look for Spider Man trailer.

By the way. This file is from Sony. That is right. Sony.



Change servers. Again.

Yeah. I had t o get new service again.There was some kind of attack on any WordPress blogs anywhere. They got me. I guess. Not really sure what happened.

So, Now I am back. Hope this works. From now on I will do backups much more often. A lot more.


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