Flexible Video diaplay for Tablet or Smartphone.

It is coming noon.  Flexible displays on computers and p;hones.
Let’s talk about laptop computers, tablet computers, and smart phones and other mobile devices.
Samsung electronics, one of the leading makers of smart phones, has announced a flexible display technology. Basically, this means that the display will not be brittle like class, but be flexible like thin plastic. This new technology has the name OL ED. You can search for that in Google and find out what it means.

But before you do that, you may wish to see this video that was made a year ago by Samsung. They talk about the new display type knowledge is and give you an idea of why this new flexible display will be so important to any new laptop, tablets or mobile device.
Samsung  flexible video display link

Sad to say, but it is not yet  on the market. Maybe the end of this year.



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