ATM Fraud plus ATM Theft on the nrise.

The past few weeks have seen a rise in the actual theft of ATM boxes. Smaller stores have the ATM mounted inside the store with minimal  bolts to the floor.  A light truck or SUV can just smash it and the box  will pop put of f the floo bolts r. That is how  crooks are now doing it.

Before that the bad news was about how they came up with  cleaver ideas about how to cheat and steal money by using stolen or fake credit cards or some other trick. But that is for the experts, Now the amateurs  are using brute force.

In fact,  we are going to find that teen-age vandals are joining in with the adults in this new threat to our security. Even when they are caught, we all lose a resume of out security and peace of mind.  And who pays for nit? We all do.

Google keywords: ATM fraud theft vandals.

Search for that and find many recent stories in the news.

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