CES 2014: Automobiles and Bluetooth.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has littleĀ  for Personal Computer Users. It is all about Automobiles, Bluetooth and Gadgets.If you were hoping to see a really new, cool desktop or laptop computer, too bad. Not thee. Except Toshiba. But they only had a prototype.

But to tell the truth, I didn’t go to Las Vegas. Instead I stayed at home and him reading what other people say went on at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014.
As for the Bluetooth news, I have a piece I placed on another website and you can find it by going to the box above that says Bluetooth News.
Now about the automobile stuff. It dominates the show. No joke. The automobile makers really put on an impressive factual you can find lots of sites that are raving about this by just doing a search on the keywords” CES automotive” and finds several good ones including this one:
CES 2014: Auto roundup

Take a look. Great stuff!

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