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Gadget Mania is Bad for Children. Says Who?

You have already heard that. Modern children have to many toys, too many games, and too many gadgets. But who is warning us now?  This warning comes for India, an eastern country with a wide spread of  culture and a history of poverty.

No kidding! Gadget obsession may affect kids’ behavior.

TNNApr 4, 2013, 04.08AM IST

INDORE: For Akhilesh (name changed), a Class X student, gadgets and phone are an obsession. This being the cause of worry for his parents, he was taken to a consulting psychiatrist who diagnosed him with attention deficiency hyperactive disorder (ADHD). According to the psychiatrist, the student’s behaviour indicated abnormalities adversely affecting his social and personal life. Akhilesh is one of the many examples among children who spend abnormally long hours in front of computer and cell phones.

TOI spoke to a few psychiatrists and some parents on issue to gauge the severity of the behaviour.

Dr Abhay Paliwal, a consulting psychiatrist, said “We witness many cases where parents come complaining about their children continuously stuck with their mobile phone and computers. These are the kind of signs one should be worried about as it may indicate obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, or attention deficiency hyperactive disorder (ADHD).”

Gadgets and Children

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