Concern about cell phones and terrorism.

No, this is not about getting rid of cell phones in an effort to fight terrorism. Cell phones are extremely valuable and can be used to help citizens defend themselves against attacks. We need cell phones.

.Image1The concern is about cell phones are sometimes used by terrorists and this has an impact on the rights and privileges of all of us.
It was reported on television that there is a suspect in the Boston marathon bombings. It was said that cell phone records played a part in identifying the suspect. This implies that in the future cell phone records again are going to be used to identify possible terrorists.
A while back there was a proposal all to ban cell phones in New York during the terrorist activity. Of course, to be effective, you have to ban the use of self phones before the terrorist attack. So that idea went nowhere.
Don’t be surprised if in the future law enforcement authorities are going to do more with cell phone tracking and cell phone logging. So you have been warned, be careful about what you say over the cell phone.

Everybody likes a good joke. But some kinds of jokes and not very funny. Even jokes about bombings or murderers and things like that are not very funny if the police are listening to you. And for that matter, do you want somebody to be eased dropping in on your sexually explicit conversations with a certain person? There are some things that are said in person than over a cell phone. Avoid saying anything over a cell phone that you want private.

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