Does Windows 8 really make Smartphones into computers?

Good question. Some say yes.  I think the answer is No. Yest it is getting there.

Here are some quotes from an article by Simson Garfinkel on February 20, 2013

“…It makes technical sense for Microsoft to maintain a single, core operating system with a consistent set of application programming interfaces (APIs). In fact, it makes so much sense that Apple and Linux moved to a single kernel years ago. What’s different about Windows 8 is that it gives users a similar graphical user interface (GUI) on every platform…”

“…many critics have decried Windows 8 as another Microsoft misstep, I think they’re wrong. After using the new operating system in all its incarnations on a phone, on Microsoft’s Surface tablet, and on several desktops, I’ve come to regard it as truly transformative. Windows 8 will well serve the needs of those nontechnical users who just want to access their online social networks, watch Netflix, and go shopping…”

Read the whole  article. He does make a rap in favor of Windows 8


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