Tthe Smart Frame. The Smart Fone becomes eye-wear.

Walther Apple or Samsung or somebody wail announce a Smart Phone in the frame of your eyeglasses., I don not know. Just conjecture.

I am doing this post using a voice recognition program. More about that later, but I have an exciting new idea about smartphones.

After doing a little research it occurs to me the next big device for electronic gadgets has to be what I would call the Smart Frame. Such a device is a type of eye-wear with thick frames containing all the electronics needed for cell phone Internet and video conferencing. In other words, a virtual PC using a virtual reality headset. You might’ve solve this in one of the last Laura Croft movies. She was sitting by the pool sunning herself and at the same time using her laptop. But instead of staring at the screen she was looking around at her environment, watching out for bad guys, while she could see the transparent image of what was going on on the screen of her laptop.

Google recently announced they are testing such a device for their virtual reality imaging. But the way I see it, the more important application is to turn it into a cell phone that looks like a pair of glasses with very thick frames.

All the technology already exists. It is just a matter of coming up with some real good prototypes and doing some mass-marketing.

If you want to see a video about the Google device, just to Google search on Google testing the VR glasses. I think the video was made in August of this year.

Google Tests VR eyewear.


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