The Super Strom is still doing damage.

The storm damage is not over. Many are still without electric power, which will cause more damage to life and property.

Mu other web site,, is having some trouble because it has a  a computer  on the eastern coast. That means many companies, big and small, have limited internet presence now. Of course there are much bigger problems. This just shows how widespread the impact is.

Here is a quote from the company have has my other web site:

“Due to the effect of Hurricane our servers are cracked, and now the server is running on Generator, we are unable to process the backups at NYC server, this is our humble request to backup your database and website files as soon as possible.

              However we are trying to move the accounts to new server, but there is an internal server causing power off interruption during the migration, so there we are facing data loss, we are requesting all the clients to make the backup of their respective sites and clients. New name servers and server specs will be announced in 24 hours.

Now multiply that by the thousands of other business and  government agencies that operate electronically on the eastern coast of the USA.



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