How to get a good password.

Here are common mistakes people make when doing a password for Internet counts.

Making a password from common words.
Using a sequence pf letters or numbers.
Having the name of a child as a password.
Just using one password for many accounts.

Bad examples:
qwerty, password, loverboy,  1234567.

RMh2bgy, Mdh8fayh2, A$s4e$yg
What do those passwords mean?
Rose Mary Had 2 Baby Girls Yesterday
My Dog Has 8 Fleas And You Have 2
A $ Saved 4 Every  $ You Get

Those are acrostic passwords, each letter represent the first letter of each  word in a phrase. Numbers can be used also. Use of numbers makes the password hard to guess.  It is easy to remember a silly or funny phrase.

Don’t use mine. Make your own. The password should be at least seven letters or numbers. Longer is better. But avoid anything very obvious.

Don’t  wait until it is too late.











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