Why White Space is the new Rural Internet

This is a follow up to my May 30 post.

I am doing more research non this topic.  Here are some points. First, fiver optic is very expensive to bring to a small remote town not on a major road or highway. Second, commercial Microwave equipment is very tightly regulated.  So the solution is an Ad-Hoc network using unlicensed digital repeaters in then unused part of the UHF TV assignments. Unlike shortwave and VHF, TV UHF waves seldom come back to the earth. They just go off into space.

Bear in mind we are talking about digital communication. not older Radio and Television signals. Digital communication can tolerate more  noise and in interference.So a network of low-[power repeaters could bring digital communication into remote areas where the cost of convention systems has been too high. Many of the arguments against the use of TV White Space weer give a few years ago when analog TV was the normal thi9ng is most parts of the USA. That has changed.

More about this later.

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