Rural DSL Will Die! – White Space is Coming!

Brief prelude. Awhile back the FCC told TV broadcasters to  abandon analog TV. This resulted in a lot of spectrum space available. How? Because Digital Broadcast is more immune to interference.  So the unused spectrum is now called “white space” and if the TV companies can not make good use of nit, the FCC is going to let people use it for Wi-Fi expansion.

Rural areas never have fully populated TV channels. The is a lot of free “white space”  in America. [And other places.]  The telephone companies have little motive for improving old copper wire lines running across the wide open spaces of the county.  Now enter “White Space”. With the blessing of the FCC, users can set up more powerful Wi-Fi systems in small towns. Who needs DSL?

For more information, Google on the keywords:
while space broadband


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