Apple is winning, Microsoft’ will be losing.

Actually this is an easy prediction.  Apple has already become No. 1 in the personal computer market.  A few years ago people thought Apple would die because their operating system was so much different from Microsoft Windows.  Since then, Microsoft has in moved on to  better products.  But in spite of that, Apple has moved to the No. 1 position with little help from Microsoft.  Yes, Microsoft has worked with Apple on some things and help keep Apple going for a while.  But that is beside the point.  The factual truth is that now Apple is No. 1 in personal computer sales and has a very large share of the current market.  Of course, the market is divided the amount among at least ten principle players.
But is it  fair to compare a hardware manufacturer to a software producer?  Yes, because both Apple and Microsoft are involved in both parts of the personal computer business.  Both have interest in software and hardware.
Apple’s move to the No. 1 position because of the Apple iPhone sales. Microsoft has recently got into the smart phone business by introducing versions of Windows that will work on smart phone’s which compete with the Apple iPhone.
The statistics there ate in for prior sales  year, that is to say the year 2010. The results for 2011 may not be available until sometime this spring. Likely the results will again show Apple and No. 1 and far ahead of anybody else.
Microsoft has teamed up with Nokia, which has been the No. 1 cell foam vendor in previous years. Really, the alliance with Microsoft probably will hurt more than help. People just to not like Windows on smart phone. Bad news for Nokia.

Here is one source for this:
Why Nokia is Losing Ground to Apple and Android. 

The story above is old. Recent statistics show Nokia lost the number 1 sport to Apple.

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