Vacation Dialup Internet for $6 per year.

You are going on a vacation and you want dial-up Internet so you can check you e-mail in a small town that does not have Broadband Internet available . You find that your current provider at home wants to tack on extra changes so you can get Dial-up when you travel. On the other hand,  if you are a traveling salesman, you would already have a solution. But if you are not a frequent flyer, you want something that has a price tag the represents you modest needs while on a two-week vacation with your family.

Solution: Buy a nationwide Internet account for just $6 per year.  It comes with about one hour and a half for time. That is enough time to check your e-mail once a day while on your vacation.  They have toll-free numbers for most US locations.

You can find two or three of these out there. One is called Budget Dial-up and the web site is:

True, you could get AOL or JUNO, but those are monthly contracts.  What you want on your vacation is a bare-bones service that gets you pinto the Internet at the lowest cost. Even if you are in a very remote location away from the big city. Check it out.

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