Safe Nuclear power is coming soon.

Let’s talk about nuclear power.  We all know that uranium is mined from the earth  and  used to make either nuclear power plants or military weapons, such as nuclear bombs.
In the periodic table uranium is at the high end with a number of  U-238 is the desirable form of uranium.  At in the other end of the table we find light elements of hydrogen, helium and lithium. They also can be used to make powerful weapons, with the help of uranium.

Now let’s talk about something you may not have heard about.  Among the elements there is one called Thorium

On the periodic table of elements Thorium is na single isotopic form ,  Th-232 ,and has  the remarkable property of also being able to produce nuclear power yet without the risk of explosion.  And not only that, the by products of Thorium are much safer than the byproducts of uranium.

So is this a new discovery?  Not at all.  The research on Thorium was done along, long time ago.  As to why Thorium was never widely used for peaceful nuclear power, you judge that for yourself.

For more information just go to your favorite search engine such as Yahoo or Google and enter  the keywords ‘power from Thorium.’

Comments? Guess why I capitalized Thorium.

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