“Peace on earth, goodwill to men” – What does it mean?

While searching this idea,  I found  the following post:
“Peace on earth, goodwill to men”? The Latin has it, `et in terra pax hominibus, bonae voluntatis”. Note the Latin genetive case in the words `bonae voltuntatis’.
The phrase properly rendered is,
“Peace on earth to men of good will”.

That makes sense. The news was not given to a crowd in the village, but to a group of humble men watching over sheep. It was not an unconditional promise of peace for everybody.
The point here is that peace is not available to those that do not want it. Here we are over 2000 years later and there remain so many who hate peace. Hopefully, that will change soon.

For more information, just search the phrase “peace on earth good will toward men” and find many interesting articles.


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