Should you try Linux again?

A few years ago there was an effort to draw computer users away from the Windows Desktop software. The alternative would be to use a new free software called Linux. The movement did well in getting the support of both individuals, like myself, and even some big companies. Linux did probe itself to be good software for some kinds of work. But it did not make the owner of Windows , Microsoft Corporation, lose a lot money.

Eve now they are many who think Wine, a software tool, no the tasty liquid,  will merge Microsoft Windows 7 and Linux together. It will not happen. A waste of time. It was tried before and did not work well. There were both technical and legal reasons.  Those reasons still exist. Let me illustrate.

Suppose somebody wanted to adapt old Ford automobiles to use Honda engines. It may be possible with a lot of hard work. But a simple do-it-yourself kit is never going to appear on the market. And if it even stated to become a reality – Honda would not want to sell its engines without selling the rest of the automobile. It is a simple as that..

Any comments?

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