Why stop online piracy

Last week we posted some information about the basic rules of copyright. Having copyright law helps both individuals and commercial organizations.  And it goes beyond that, it also protects the higher quality of life in other areas.
But what about on line piracy? What does it mean when they saying we should stop online piracy?  This really goes beyond using copyright laws.  It is a new attempt to prevent intentional or even accidental violation of copyright law over the Internet.
You know about  Netflix and YouTube. The Netflix plays online movies for a modest fee paid once a month for as many movies and who wish to watch.  On the other hand, the YouTube web site offers all wide variety of videos for free.  Most are very short.  Some of these are possibly violation of copyright law. But Netflix has a contract with the movie producers to show movies online with their permission.
The issue is about  web sites that show videos or even full  movies without the permission of the authors of such material.  If there is sufficient evidence that any web site is allowing this to happen, authorities would have the power to turn off the web site to prevent any more copyright violations.
But wait, here’s the devil in the details, shutting off a web site because of a number of copyright violations would also shut down all the legitimate material available on that side.  And you can imagine, this has become a very controversial issue.
To learn more about this very hot topic you can enter some of these keywords into your favorite search engine, such as Yahoo or Bing. The principal keywords are “stop online piracy“, or the letters SOPA,  an abbreviation for the legislation now in the United States Congress.

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