Why hard drive fail. Part two.

Earlier it was mentioned that excessive heat will  cause hard drive failure.  Closely related to that is dust.  Not simply the presence of dust on the hard drive. Ddust build up inside a laptop computer interferes with airflow.  A laptop computer requires occasional maintenance using a can of compressed air to remove dust build up from the air vents.
It should be obvious that dropping a laptop computer will cause serious harm.  That applies to the hard drive inside a laptop.  Although modern designs have improved, the hard drive can be damaged by severe shock from a fall.  This is where prevention is better than a cure.
Most laptop owners would not remove their hard drive is on regular basis.  But when they do, bad handling could also shortened the life of the hard drive. .  Nevertheless, occasionally a laptop owner of will have to remove the hard drive for  inspected and put it back in.  Just be careful and do not squeeze or push on the top and bottom surfaces of the hard drive assembly.  Instead, holder by the edges.
This discussion has been aimed primarily at hard drives in laptop’s.  With desktop Computers  some other issues would appear to bring on hard drive failure.  Most often this is when the owner it tries to change the hard drive from one computer to another.  More information on this in another post next week.

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