How to get Good Cheep Movies.

With the advance of movie downloading over the Internet, the cost of watching movies has come down quite a bit.  With the possible exception of what should pay at a local theater to see any new movie.
It is now possible to watch the movies on your computer for less than a dollar apiece. Previously, this was thought to be either a impossible or outright illegal.  Times have changed.
As you likely know, NETFLIX is now offering subscriptions for 8 dollars a month in the United States.  Although the selection is somewhat limited, they do have a very wide range of offerings, including some movies that  hit the box office only a few months ago.  If you and your family were to watch four movies a week or about 16 movies in a month, the cost of each movie would be about 50 cents.  And of course, you can watch the movie over again for no additional charge.  But there is no easy way for doing a direct downloads of NETFLIX videos and saving them on y0ur HDD..
The possible  alternative to the NETFLIX on demand service are other web sites that will allow you full high-quality downloads of recent box office movies. You may take up to two hours to to download a moving that only plays for 90 minutes. Yet once you did that, the movie is on your computer in a compressed format and you can watch at anytime you want day and night even if the Internet connection is poor.
So how can this be legal?  To tell the truth, I don’t know.  For more information,  go to Google or Bing or or Yahoo and put the following phrase in the search bar: “How to legally download good movies cheap.” .  You will be surprised by the answers found.
So what will NETFLIX do about this? Tat will be in later post here.

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